If you are looking for an alternative conflict resolution method that is cheaper and faster, you should consider mediation. However, not all cases can be resolved by mediation. Therefore, if you are trying to resolve criminal cases, this is not a great alternative for you.  In case you are having disputes that involve leases, small businesses, child custody, divorce or contracts, then you can solve your issues using mediation. Fortunately, a great number of people with these conflicts in the Gold Coast are choosing to mediate rather than using other conflict resolution methods.

Does Mediation Provide Good Results All The Time?

While mediation is a fast way of resolving conflicts, at times, it does not work with some people on the Gold Coast. However, this is determined by the parties who are conflicting and also the mediator that is helping them. In case the parties involved in the conflict are not set out to find to meditate, then the chances of finding a suitable solution to their problem are low.    This means that if you are planning to use mediation to resolve a conflict, you have to set out to do it since you control the procedure. If you decide that you are mediating, you have to do all you can then you will have great results. Also, your mediator affects your results too in that if the mediator does not have the necessary skills and knowledge, he or she will not help you negotiate, communicate and come up with suitable results. This is why you have to ensure that you select the right mediator for your mediation procedure.

Rules That Make You Get Better Mediation Results in the Gold Coast

When you know and make use of the following rules to ensure that your mediation procedure is successful;

  • Make sure you participate actively

You need to know that the parties involved are the decision makers.  In case you are an individual, you and the person you are in the conflict with are the decision makers.   To resolve your conflict, you have to ensure that you personally participate in the mediation sessions.  Ensure that you get a realistic understanding of your issues and voice your concerns and opinions.  This way, the two of you can resolve your conflict successfully.

  • Build a goal to achieve

When you are in a fight, your goal is to make sure that you win the fight.  However, fighting means that you pursue your demands without affecting your opponent. Also fighting requires so much effort so that you can resist the moves of your opponents. When you are mediating your goal should be to come up with a resolution to your problems. You must therefore make sure that you put in as much effort as required to achieve your goal.

  • Be respectful to other party

One of the greatest mistakes that most people make when they are mediating is treating the other party as if they are not worthy.  However, you require the other party to give consent after you discuss your issues. In case you insult the other party, they will not have the urge to give their consent since they will feel disrespected. Also disrespect can ruin your ties with the other party. Therefore always make sure that you are respectful during the mediation procedure.

  • Be persuasive

This rule will always help you get a suitable solution to your problem when you make use of it. Being persuasive helps the other party understand your situation and the benefits of considering the potential deals.  However, you need to establish the right approaches at the right time without forcing any logistics or hurting the other party’s emotions while you are persuasive.

  • Focus on your interest

For you to get better mediation results, you have to ensure that you focus on your interest.   Therefore, know what your interests are and focus on them when you are mediating.  Also, you should know the interests of the other party’s that you can come up with a solution that fits the both parties without neglecting anyone’s interests.

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